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Spring 2016
  • Cameron Hodges, a recent Biophysics graduate, has joined our group! 
Summer 2014
  • Katie Kruk from Grand Valley State University will be doing a REU with us this summer.  Welcome, Katie! 
Spring 2014
  • Two of our undergraduates graduated this semester:
    Congratulations to Alan (B.S. Cellular and Molecular Biology, Spanish) and Reidi (B.S. Microbiology)!
Winter 2014
  • Alan has accepted an offer to attend dental school at the University of Michigan in the Fall. Congratulations, Alan! 
  • Former graduate student, Dr. Joel Revalee, published his paper titled: "Tethered Particle Motion Reveals that LacI·DNA Loops Coexist with a Competitor-Resistant but Apparently Unlooped Conformation"  in Biophysical Journal.    Congratulations, Joel!
Summer 2013
  • Thaige Gompa joins the group as a summer REU student. Welcome, Thaige!
  • Reidi Shpuza joins the group. Welcome, Reidi!
Winter 2013
  • Julia passed her candidacy exam and is now officially a PhD Candidate. Congratulations, Julia!
  • Joel successfully defended this dissertation titled Changing the DNA Sequence Alters the Kinetics of Protein-Mediated DNA Looping. Congratulations, Dr. Revalee!
Fall 2012
  • Molly Liebeskind joins the group. Welcome, Molly!

Summer 2012
  • Dr. Rudra Kafle joins the group. Welcome,  Rudra!
  • Krishnan Raghunathan has left for a post-doctoral position with Prof. Sara Veatch (Lab Webpage).
  • Julia Bourg has officially joined the group. Welcome, Julia!
  • Our paper on dynamics of DNA inside Dicty has been accepted
  • Our paper on Axial Force Optical Tweezer has been published and is available online
  • Our review article on biomechanical gene regulation is currently available online.
  • Joshua Milstein has recently joined the Physics faculty at the University of Toronto. (Lab Webpage)
  • Yih-Fan Chen has accepted a faculty position in the Department of Biomedical Engineering at National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) in Taiwan.